Into Santander and the first wild camp

Well after the delays and excitement of the medivac delays we finally docked on the Spanish continent, some three hours late. After the queues to get off the ship and the customs stuff it was really late. Do I go for a hotel or do I throw myself in, hook, line and sinker? Well, guess what?

I went for my first wild camp at ‘Surfers Beach’ just west of Santander. Only about 20mins in the dark and decided to ride into the woods for some exclusivity.

Totally couldn’t find any water so I opted for wine instead. Found a nice private place away from the road and away from everyone else (if there’s anyone else around that is?)

Took advantage of a prepacked meal courtesy of my fab misses, Sally, didn’t have water, so ate it cold and it did the job nicely, bugger, it was chicken!! (Sally will understand!)

Anyway I need to complete my hydration schedule and finish the red wine and get my head down. Lovely quiet spot

Tent went up easily (thanks Sam Jowett, great recommendation on tent choice)

Looking forward to a lovely ride in the Picos or Parc de Europa tomorrow, hope the little CRF has the wow factor to make it memorable.

Max Jowett