Hotels and back to wild camping

Well last night was an unexpected pleasure to say the least, meeting with Mark Connell and Mick and Mark, (all the M’s) was a real tonic. The level of consumption was above the norm to say the least bit the comfortable bed, shower and lovely receptionist at the hotel made for a very special overnight stay.

I was late leaving this morning but it did not detract from the excellent days ride south towards Seville.

Taking the backroads takes time and adds a whole new dimension to your journey. On several occasions I travelled alongside other motorcyclists in the Autovista, they too were riding adventure motorcycles but they were in the toll roads, riding the motorways I can only assume they didn’t know what they were missing?

my roads varied from long straight desert plains to tight and twisty mountainous excellence, pushing the Mitas E07’s to their limits I was having an absolute ball without risking it all.

im really settling into this bike, it just does fine at everything I have thrown at it so far, right mountain roads, long desert plains and mild off road, it just does it all, whilst sipping fuel and the comfort level is acceptable, made a little better by one of my own sheepskins!

Today I saw cattle, sheep and pigs in abundance making me miss home a little. I found a small isolated picnic area for lunch and ate cured ham, bread and raw garlic, absolutely delicious. This set me up for the journey to my wild camp for the night. I’m camped on the edge of a small lake near Seville, another 260 miles south today and I’m having a lovely quiet evening with a bottle of very local red wine which cost the princely sum of 1€25c, I thought it was a bit risky but no, it’s just lovely.

I tried the Avon Skin so Soft stuff tonight to repel mozzies (as used by the SAS apparently), I smell a little better but one enterprising individual still had a little munch on my elbow, don’t you just love em?

A full stomach, a perfect days riding and another notch in the ‘heading south’ bed post, next stop Algeciras and the ferry to Morocco.

early to bed….X