Preparing the CRF


One of the main problems with the CRF250L is the fuel capacity. The Standard tank has a 6.3ltr fuel capapcity which just ISN'T going to do the job for this trip.

I ordered a 12.5 ltr Acerbis tank from a supplier on Ebay who is based in Italy, they said it was in stock! 5 weeks later i still HAVEN'T RECEIVED the tank and time is running out. I thought it would be qUickeR, bad call.

I called my UK supplier and the new tank was here the next day, what was i thinking? Fitting the tank was pretty straightforward, had to ease the plastics and cut some new bolts but When the job was done it looks great and the fuel situation is now sorted, best part is that its fuel tight and i can now address a few other mods i need to do.

Other bits have been ordered so stay tuned for the next instalment!

I’m planning on bringing the completed bike to the Overland Event at the end of August so if you want to see the result I will see you there!