Its time for another trip

So, it’s come to that point in the year when I my travel itch has become unbearable and I needed to do something about it!

I was building an old Suzuki DR350 for the adventure and quickly realised that time was running out and I didn’t have enough time to comfortably finish the project so I jumped out and bought this 2013 CRF250L with just shy of 5,000 miles on the clock.

First picture here, taken under the watchful eye of Cocko our long lived Cockerel.

Planning stages followed and I have ordered most parts for modification to turn it into a true adventure platform to carry me South.

The bike is almost as I bought it apart from my favourite bars and hand guards, plenty more mods to follow, so watch this space!

I’m intending for this to one of my biggest trips on a bike so far and will blog as I go, reporting on the gear I use, my experiences as they unfold and giving a blow by blow account of the trip.

I intend to leave around 1st October from my home in Devon, just after my youngest daughter becomes a teenager, probably a good time to jump ship for a while!!

I have lots to do and planning is going at a fast pace at the moment.

The trip will follow the West Coast of Africa as far down as I can make it but, as many will be aware, it’s a very difficult journey with desert and jungle, some challenging riding conditions, along with questionable bureaucracy thrown in to keep me awake and of course many challenging border crossings too.

I’m interested in your experiences, so if you have some advice then please get in touch.

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Yours Max Jowett