Time is ticking.

Well it’s Thursday and I’m booked to leave for the African adventure next Tuesday. The CRF has had its final service but unfortunately so far I have been unable to put any miles on the bike. I just haven’t had the time. If there are any niggling issues that may or may not arise then I’m just going to have to sort them out on the road.

I have to admit that a week ago I was having a little bit of an emotional wobble about the whole trip to be honest, leaving the security of home and setting off into the wilds has never bothered me before, but this time it has. I don’t really know what was going on but I, for the first time in my life began to feel a little anxious. I was not comfortable with the feelings so I just got on with work and continued the preparations to leave. Some lack of sleep didn’t help and other pressures at work have kept me busy but the feelings were still there, Sally, my wife said that I’m in danger of becoming human, I’m not sure how to take that so I just took it anyway.

So time moved on a little and thankfully now my feelings have changed, I’m starting to get excited and I’m now ready to go, it’s a huge relief that this change has happened for me but it does make me think how hard it must be for some people when they are planning an adventure whether long or short, I hope my personal experience will help me to advise people who are having similar experiences in the future.

I still have to finalise the packing situation, not much to do really. I did put in a fourth pair of underpants but I probably won’t need them so they will have to go, my daughter Erin said that four pairs meant one for each month and a spare! Good logic, she knows me well!!

Sally has loaded me up with treats to keep me going when I forget to eat, so I should be able to keep myself alive for a while.

We are attending our last show of the season this weekend, Adventure Overland at Stratford racecourse so if you are going along then look me up. I am planning on having the CRF there in all its glory, I may even get to give it a little ride before I leave!!

Not long now, keep watching and thanks for reading this far!