Keis x20 Heated Body Warmer

Keis x20 Heated Body Warmer


The Keis x20 has double the output than the x10 version and an additional heated collar.

The Keis heated body warmer includes a free £34.99 heat controller.

  • All Keis garments and accessories are based around 12v Technology. Invariably that’s what runs your bike, car or even your Horse Box! By delivering 12v from the Keis range of Lithium Batteries and Chargers, Keis provide a seamless transition from vehicle to battery. That’s Dual Power.

  • Designed around the extreme demands of winter outdoor activities, like motorcycling, riding, fishing, or Skiing. Keis have developed and refined Heated Clothing to satisfy the most discerning of users across a whole host of activities.

  • Heated collar, two heated chest panels and one lower back reaching around to kidney area panel.

  • Has connectors under the arms and at the base to link with Keis Heated gloves or insoles.

  • Elasticated side panels.

  • Washable

  • 40W output

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